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Food and Drinks

No need to leave for lunch, we've got you covered!



Organic Gelato and Waffles

We offer scoop Gelato, Popsicles, Waffles & Smoothies made with all real organic ingredients, no artificial flavours or colourings. We provide treats for the whole family as we have Vegan, Dairy-free, Gluten-free, Halal-Friendly & even sugar free options.

Karaage Boy

Japanese Street Food

Karaage boy is Inspired by the traditional
Izakaya bar in Japan. "Karaage" is one of the most popular items for international travellers, bringing the fun and simple street food to the crowd!


Taste of Rwanda


Traditional African Cuisine

In Africa, sharing kai is necessary to unite people and spread joy when they are gathered for any reason. Because of this, our whanau would love the opportunity to participate in the play festival and introduce the community to African dishes that tell the continent's history. For example, people must try what we call
"Ubugali or Fufu which goes with well-seasoned beef skewers or with beans and spinach". And you will come back for more if you add "Akabanga (which means little
secret) our traditional chill sauce. This menu is a traditional food in many countries of Africa.

Double Dutch Fries

Traditional Hand Cut Dutch Fries

Since 2015, Double Dutch Fries has been changing the chip game and revolutionising the way people view fries. No longer just a side dish, their handcut chips make fries the star of the show.


They’re 100% gluten free and coeliac safe as we don’t fry anything else in the fryers. Just potatoes. Most of the sauces are gluten free as well and the crew are happy to outline which ones.

The Fries are also vegan friendly and we’ve adjusted our famous homemade Satay sauce to be vegan as well.




Plant Based Eats

VEGVAN is a plant based Burger Bar - offering unique colorful Vegan Burgers. Ingredients & plant proteins all sourced locally and Kiwi made. VEGVAN believes in the future of our plant forward cuisine, so they're spreading the message one colorful Burger at a time. For the health of ourselves, the animals & the planet!

The Corner Taste

Loaded Corn Fritters

The Corner offers a no added gluten menu which gives a spin on the classic corn fritters. We fuse South American with kiwi flavours to create the most delicious loaded fritters. All of them match with home made sauces made from scratch. 

The Corner - 7971.jpeg

Akemi's Gyoza

Akemi Gyoza - IMG_20221031_075758_465.jpg

Japanese Dumplings

All of Akemi’s Gyoza are inspired by her Grandmother’s recipes. Growing up in Japan Akemi’s Grandma made delicious pork gyoza, despite being blind - these dumplings sparked Akemi’s Pork & Garlic chives flavour. A dish with chicken minced balls in a vegetable broth that Akemi adored her grandma making served as the basis for the Chicken & Prawn Gyoza. Her grandmother's mushroom miso soup served as the inspiration for Miso & Shiitake. Her grandmother's stewed yuzu vegetables served as the influence for Beetroot & Yuzu.

The Coffee Store

Rich, full-bodied, full-flavour coffee

The Coffee Store is a boutique coffee roasting company based on Auckland’s North Shore, supplying coffee, pods, chai, syrups, espresso machines to cafes, hotels, bars, restaurants and motels throughout New Zealand.

They are bringing our delicious organic coffee and smoothies to keep everyone well hydrated.

The Coffee Store - 2023-05-27 09.22.00.jpg
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